WHITE PAPER: 45 Cool Analytics We Can Extract From Phone Calls


Call tracking has been around for a long time. It tracks which ads, campaigns, and keywords generate phone calls and which don't.

But...call tracking isn't enough. 

That's why LogMyCalls created Conversation Analytics. It uses speech recognition technology and thousands of proprietary algorithms to extract data from phone calls. This White Paper discusses the 45 COOL Analytics We Can Extract from Phone Calls

Download: 45 Cool Analytics We Extract From Phone Calls

WHITE PAPER: 9 Questions Medical Marketers Should Ask About Call Tracking

wp-medical-marketerThe healthcare industry depends on phone calls more than any other industry. Calls matter. 

This White Paper is for doctors, office managers, agencies that work with the industry, hospitals and clinics. If you are a medical marketer of any type, you need to read this White Paper. 

This report discusses how to determine if you need call tracking, how call recording can help you be HIPAA compliant, and how to automate your marketing from call tracking. It will also provide a brief overview of Conversation Analytics. 

These are the questions that you NEED to ask every call tracking vendor. These questions will ensure you choose the right call tracking vendor for your needs.  

Download: 9 Questions Medical Marketers Should Ask About Call Tracking

BIA Kelsey Report: Why Basic Call Tracking Fails the Local Marketer

BIA Kelsey is a leading research firm specializing in industry trends that impact local marketers. This recent research about call tracking has never been seen before.  

BIA Kelsey argues that call tracking is failing local marketers and argues that additional analytics---like Conversation Analytics from LogMyCalls--are necessary. Local marketers that have deep analytics are going to make more money than those that have simply surface data.  

This private research discusses why Conversation Analytics is so revolutionary.  

Download the BIA Kelsey Report: Why Basic Call Tracking Fails the Local Marketer

WHITE PAPER: The Quick Guide to Conversation Analytics

ringspiralbinder 3Traditional call tracking tells you what happens before the phone rings. Conversation Analytics tells you what happens ON the phone call. Conversation Analytics is the single biggest development in the history of the call tracking industry. 

Conversation Analytics actually analyzes the words said on every call and pushes those words through hundreds of simultaneously running algorithms to extract useful information from those phone calls. It can track good call vs. bad call, agent performance, competitor mentions, sales readiness, close rates, and even agitation. 

This guide describes, in 10-pages, how Conversation Analytics works, how marketers can use it, and what data can be extracted. 

Download: The Quick Guide to Conversation Analytics

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