Jeff Molander

Presented by Jeff Molander

          - Wednesday, April 30,  2:00 PM ET

Getting buyers to talk about what you sell is simple. Spark their curiosity. Provoke them. Then, connect that curiosity to what you sell. Do you have customers engaged, but not on the path to purchase? This webinar is for you. Discover how to turn the 7 most common social media pitfalls into habits to create leads.

Jeff Molander will show us, step-by-step, how to spark intense curiosity in what you sell by improving how you use words. We'll cover YouTube, Facebook, Google+, blogs and more.       

You'll leave this webinar with:

    • Headline templates that produce more leads
    • A 'Cheat Sheet' to get results starting NOW
    • An effortless way to provoke buyers into action using trigger words 
    • Confidence and easy-to-remember tips to make words trigger more leads and sales

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Chris Mack - Get Spokal

Presented by the Chris Mack, CEO, Spokal

          - Friday, May 2,  2:00 PM ET

Before founding Spokal Chris was a systems and integration consultant to Fortune 500s  like Microsoft, AMEX, GM and GE. In this special webinar Chris will discuss how businesses can use marketing automation to make more money and the things to watch out for as you consider a marketing automation or email marketing tool. 

Specifically, this webinar discusses the following:

    • Learn what marketing automation is---in plain English
    • See case studies from real businesses who have benefitted from marketing automation
    • Biggest mistakes companies make using marketing automation

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Location Based Marketing Association

Presented by the LBMA and LogMyCalls

          - Wednesday, May 7,  2:00 PM ET

In mid-April we published an infographic containing data from millions of calls we analyzed in Q1. This infographic shook the web. It was shared and downloaded thousands of times. In this webinar, we'll discuss the infographic, describe how the data was extracted, and answer your questions about the data.  

Some of the data in the infographic includes:

    • 29% of all calls analyzed in Q1 resulted in a conversion
    • 57% of calls analyzed in Q1 were 'Good' or 'Great' leads
    • 46% of sales inquiries result in a Missed Opportunity for revenue
    • Only 13% of phone agents ask for the business

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Chris Vaughn

Presented by Chris Vaughn, Dir. of Marketing, Digital Sherpa

          - Thursday, May 8,  2:00 PM ET

Marketing is all about lead gen. In this webinar with Chris Vaughn of Digital Sherpa, you'll learn how to generate more leads and how to move those leads through the funnel. This is a webinar that you do not want to miss!     

Specifically, this webinar discusses the following:

    • Your website as a content hub for new friends, existing fans, and customers
    • How to start thinking about the inbound marketing funnel and track all activity
    • The definition of a qualified lead and how to start generating them for sales
    • How to start thinking about social media as a business platform

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Brian Iredell

Presented by Brian Iredell,  Sales Manager, Signpost

          - Wednesday, May 14,  2:00 PM ET

Brian Iredell has a decade of experience working directly with business owners. Signpost works with thousands of local businesses, agencies, and franchises nationwide making it easier to build valuable customer relationships. This webinar provides local business owners with valuable insights about building customer loyalty and dramatically improving customer interactions. 

Specifically, this webinar discusses the following:

    • The importance of customer relationships
    • How to optimize your customer interactions
    • The EASIEST way to engage customers
    • FREE White Paper outlining best practices

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