Ahava Leibtag

Presented by Ahava Leibtag, President, Aha Media Group

          - Thursday, July 24,  2:00 PM ET

You know you need to create more content. You know you need to create the right types of content. And EVERYONE is talking about content marketing. What does it all mean?

Content can be a real bear in some organizations and very often falls into the trap of overthinking what content will work and what content won't. In this webinar with nationally-known content expert Ahava Leibtag, we will teach you how to generate leads from content and walk through examples of companies and brands that are doing it right...and those who aren't.

Instead of jumping on the latest bandwagon, learn how to:

    • Step-by-step tactics to generate leads from content
    • How to produce all the content you need
    • Learn how to create personas of your target audiences

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Chris Mack

Presented by Chris Mack, CEO, Spokal

          - Wednesday, July 30,  2:00 PM ET

In this exclusive webinar with entrepreneur and marketing expert Chris Mack, you'll learn how to create a content machine that actually generates leads. Creating content for the sake of creating content isn't enough. You need to generate leads. This webinar will give you 3 actionable ways to do that. 

Specifically, this webinar will discuss:

    • How to get started with content marketing. What content to create and how to create it
    • The 3 simplest ways to generate leads with content
    • How to create all the content you need with the limited time you have

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Elise Connors

Presented by Elise Connors, Marketing Manager, TrafficPRM

          - Thursday, July 31,  2:00 PM ET

Are you generating the right kinds of leads for your business? Are you generating leads at all? This session will help you lay the foundation for successful lead generation. 

Instead of jumping on the latest bandwagon, learn how to:

    • What distinguishes a prospect from a Marketing Qualified Lead?
    • Why the OFFER is the biggest piece of your lead generation efforts
    • Why educational content is more valuable than promotional content when it comes to generating leads
    • How to better focus your efforts across the primary online lead generation channels of SEO, paid search, and social media 

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David Black

Presented by David Black, Dir. of Customer Success, SEMrush

          - Thursday, August 14,  2:00 PM ET

SEMrush is the premier search marketing software in the world. In this webinar you'll learn how to steal traffic from your customers using data.  One of the most obvious ways to increase conversions is to amass quality referral traffic from search engines. But, it is only possible is you're vigorously competing to get your brand in front of the right audience. 

Specifically this webinar will discuss:  

    • How competitor keyword analysis can improve your marketing strategy
    • Why you should benchmark yourself against the competition and find new up-and-coming competitors
    • How to leverage software tools and SERP analytics data to conduct competitor analysis

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Asif Khan

Presented by Asif Khan, Founder, LBMA

          - Wednesday, August 20,  2:00 PM ET

Asif Khan is the founder of the LBMA. He has worked with companies like BestBuy, American Airlines, Coors, and Sears. This webinar will discuss the future of local search. Search will leverage location and voice to drive the results we are all looking for.

Specifically, this webinar will discuss:

    • How to leverage mobile search to get more leads
    • How the best companies in the world are utilizing the new SEO
    • Specific ways you can take advantage of local search to get IMMEDIATE results

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