Nathan Heyo

Presented by Nathan Latka, CEO, Heyo

          - Wednesday, August 27,  Noon ET

This special webinar with Nathan Latka, CEO of Heyo, you'll learn how to create Facebook promotions that actually work. Specifically, you'll learn how to double your email list using Facebook. Nathan knows his way around Facebook...he's already started 2 companies that help businesses improve their Facebook marketing. This webinar is one you don't want to miss.  

Instead of jumping on the latest bandwagon, learn how to:

    • How to create Facebook promotions
    • Ways to generate leads with Facebook
    • How to generate engagement and opt-ins from Facebook

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Dick Reed

Presented by Dick Reed, CEO, Just Media Inc. 

          - Wednesday, August 27,  2:00 PM ET

Dick Reed is a marketing expert who has worked with companies like HP, Motorola, Intel, Toshiba, and Brocade. In this webinar, he'll discuss what ad technologies are delivering the biggest impact on marketing campaigns.  

Specifically this webinar will discuss:  

    • Discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of traditional digital, programmatic, social media, mobile and content marketing solutions
    • How senior marketers can understand which media platforms are creating the best ROI and how they can be integrated into successful campaigns
    • How to choose new technologies for your business

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Bill Belew

Presented by Bill Belew, Content Marketing Expert

          - Thursday, August 28,  2:00 PM ET

Content marketing is blogging all grown up. Bill Belew garned more than 90,000,000 unique visitors to his network of sites, all via search, never paid for. NEVER EVER. In this Bill will discuss how he does it and show attendees real, relevant case studies. No theory. Only stuff that works. 

Specifically, this webinar will discuss the following:  

    • Actionable steps all content marketers can take to improve relevant traffic and conversion
    • Understanding the difference between social media and social network marketing
    • How to prioritize your marketing efforts for best results
    • How to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy 

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Jay Ehret

Presented by Jay Ehret, Founder, The Marketing Spot

In this webinar with nationally-known marketing expert, Jay Ehret. You'll learn how to keep your customers simply by having a strong brand. Jay has spoken all over the world. And now is your chance to learn from him directy and even ask him questions.      

Specifically, you'll learn how to : 

  • Make your brand attractive
  • How to build your brand, or revive your brand, if you already have one
  • How to get your prospects to trust you and buy from you
  • How to retain customers that will otherwise leave you

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Asif Khan

Presented by Asif Khan, Founder, LBMA

Asif is the founder of the LBMA. He has worked with companies like BestBuy, American Airlines,  Coors, and Sears. This webinar will discuss the future of local search. Search will leverage location and voice to drive the results we are all looking for.     

For example, some of the information discussed in the webinar: 

  • How to leverage mobile search to get more leads
  • How the best companies in the world are utilizing the new SEO
  • Specific ways you can take advantage of local search to get IMMEDIATE results

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