Location Based Marketing Association

Presented by the LBMA and LogMyCalls

          - Thursday, April 24,  2:00 PM ET

64% of location based marketers say that phone calls are the best leads they receive. This LBMA webinar with LogMyCalls will discuss how location-based marketers are using call analytics to improve their ROI, re-market to prospects, abd build loyalty with customers.     

Specifically, this webinar discusses the following:

    • The future of local search and why phone calls matter
    • Why a phone call is 4x more valuable than any other lead you get
    • How one company increased phone conversions by 147%
    • Deep analytics about the future of location based marketing

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Jeff Molander

Presented by Jeff Molander

          - Wednesday, April 30,  2:00 PM ET

Effective content drives behavior--leads and sales. Come discover effective social media writing strategies that turn engaged prospects into sales. Jeff Molander will show us step-by-step how to write copy that creates intense curiosity in what you sell---priming your customers for a call-to-action. We'll cover YouTube, Facebook, Google+, blogs and more.      

Specifically, this webinar discusses the following:

    • Success principles that will produce more social media success for you
    • Common but problematic 'best practices' 
    • An easy way to take action--to start making these 7 habits serve you in everyday life

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Chris Mack - Get Spokal

Presented by the Chris Mack, CEO, Spokal

          - Friday, May 2,  2:00 PM ET

Before founding Spokal Chris was a systems and integration consultant to Fortune 500s  like Microsoft, AMEX, GM and GE. In this special webinar Chris will discuss how businesses can use marketing automation to make more money and the things to watch out for as you consider a marketing automation or email marketing tool. 

Specifically, this webinar discusses the following:

    • Learn what marketing automation is---in plain English
    • See case studies from real businesses who have benefitted from marketing automation
    • Biggest mistakes companies make using marketing automation

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Brian Iredell

Presented by Brian Iredell,  Sales Manager, Signpost

          - Wednesday, May 14,  2:00 PM ET

Brian Iredell has a decade of experience working directly with business owners. Signpost works with thousands of local businesses, agencies, and franchises nationwide making it easier to build valuable customer relationships. This webinar provides local business owners with valuable insights about building customer loyalty and dramatically improving customer interactions. 

Specifically, this webinar discusses the following:

    • The importance of customer relationships
    • How to optimize your customer interactions
    • The EASIEST way to engage customers
    • FREE White Paper outlining best practices

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McKay Allen

Presented by Brian Massey, The Conversion Scientist

Brian Massey is the Conversion Scientist. He is the author of the book Your Customer Creation Equation. He has spoken at Affiliate Management Days, Conversion Conference, eMetrics Summit, InfusionCon and other events around the world.   

Specifically, this webinar discusses:

  • How to build a landing page correctly
  • Ways to improve your current landing pages
  • LIVE landing page critiques

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