LogMyCalls makes it easy to sign-up, order and use call tracking numbers. Compare service plans below and pick the one that's right for you. 

If you have any questions, give us a call at (855) 889-3939. Call tracking numbers work in the United States and Canada only. Seal

Merchant Services
I want to...
Manage sales performance
Receive sales reports and updates online or on the go
Coach phone reps and improve sales skills
Get the most out of my CRM
Use call data to focus sales efforts and resources
Maximize every sales call
LogMyCalls users can...
  • Create custom scorecards and goals to measure any sales call performance metric. Leave comments as feedback pinned to the exact call time.
  • With 30+ reports, LogMyCalls is the smarter call with actionable data readily available. Set sales goals and view status on the online dashboard and receive alerts via email or SMS.
  • Implement accountability and coach from company scorecard criteria. Know if sales reps are utilizing trained sales skills by listening to and scoring calls.
  • Combine inbound tracking numbers with our outbound dialers to record every call and automatically append recorded calls to CRM customer logs.
  • View dashboard info or download reports that segment calls by date, time, geographic region or demographics, helping you concentrate sales resources where they are most valuable.
  • Listen to call recordings and tag calls with valuable information to maximize sales conversions: track warm leads, customer referrals, product mentions, buyer readiness, etc.