LogMyCalls will provide service to hundreds of new large call analytics clients

Silicon Slopes, UT - LogMyCalls today announced that it has acquired the media and publishing division of CallSource. The deal makes LogMyCalls one of the largest call analytics software providers in the industry.    

The acquisition gives LogMyCalls a significantly larger client-base that now includes Fortune 500 enterprise accounts, agencies, and thousands of customers. It further establishes LogMyCalls as a leader in call analytics.  

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Acquisio users now able to utilize deep call analytics with LogMyCalls to make better marketing decisions

Silicon Slopes, UT - Acquisio and LogMyCalls, today, announced an integration that allows marketers to access, and use LogMyCalls' deep call analytics from with the Acquisio platform. This integration provides significant value to both LogMyCalls and Acquisio customers.   

Using LogMyCalls' Conversation Analytics capabilities, Acquisio will provide call tracking data like lead score, and missed opportunity tracking, within its best-in-class bid management solution. The data provided by LogMyCalls is seamlessly and completely integrated into the Acquisio dashboard, allowing LogMyCalls users to determine which campaigns, ads, and keyword groups are generating quality phone calls. To access the integrated data, Acquisio clients simply need a LogMyCalls ID and account information. Then they can immediately begin using LogMyCalls' deep call analytics to more accurately gauge the success of various campaigns. 

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Infographic discusses correct ways and incorrect ways to use call tracking numbers. 

St. George, UT - LogMyCalls, the next-generation call tracking and call analytics solution, today released a new infographic about call tracking and local SEO. The infographic is titled, The Truth About Call Tracking and SEO. The infographic was published on 

The impact of call tracking numbers on NAP and SEO has been long-discussed and debated by local marketing experts. One point of agreement is clear: call tracking does not harm SEO if it is used correctly.

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LogMyCalls to demo Conversation Analytics for Pay-Per-Call marketers 

St. George, UT - LogMyCalls, the award-winning call tracking and call analytics solution, today announced they will be exhibiting at LeadsCon Las Vegas—the foremost performance marketing and lead generation event in the world.

LeadsCon will be held March 25-26 at The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. LogMyCalls will be exhibiting their technology at Booth 434.

At the booth, LogMyCalls will actively demo their proprietary conversation analytics platform—allowing pay-per-call marketers to determine whether a call is a good call or a bad call, based on what is actually said during the conversation. LogMyCalls uses complex speech recognition technology and sophisticated proprietary algorithms to track marketing ROI, gather call analytics data, assign lead scores, and automate marketing actions. LogMyCalls does all these things based on the phrases, words and intonations it ‘hears’ during the call conversation. This feature is called Conversation Analytics.

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Phil Frost, small business marketing expert of Main Street ROI, to join LogMyCalls for webinar. 

St. George, UT - LogMyCalls today announced that Phil Frost, Managing Partner of Main Street ROI, will be joining LogMyCalls for a special webinar on small business marketing and analytics. The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, February 6.

In this webinar Phil will discuss how to track online marketing and offline marketing with various analytics products and tools. Most importantly attendees will learn how to avoid wasting marketing dollars on tactics that don’t work.

To register for the webinar visit
The webinar will include a 45 minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A on analytics and small business marketing tactics. Specifically this webinar discusses the following: 

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Everything you need to know about SaaS growth. 

St. George, UT - LogMyCalls, the award-winning call tracking and Conversation Analytics SaaS, released a fresh, new infographic today detailing call tracking SaaS growth. The infographic is the first in a series of infographics that LogMyCalls will create this year.

See the LogMyCalls 2013 Year-in-Review Infographic here.

Later this year the LogMyCalls content team will create infographics about call tracking, Conversation Analytics, content marketing, sales skills, and local SEO.

Marketers use LogMyCalls to extract data from phone calls. LogMyCalls does this using complex speech recognition technology and tens of thousands of sophisticated proprietary algorithms to track marketing ROI, gather call analytics data, assign lead scores, and automate marketing actions. LogMyCalls does all these things based on the phrases, words and intonations it ‘hears’ during the call conversation. This feature is called Conversation Analytics.

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The new focuses on call tracking and Conversation Analytics benefits for advertisers, agencies, and publishers. 

St. George, UT - LogMyCalls has unveiled a new and totally redesigned website to coincide with the recent release of Conversation Analytics. The website provides visitors with a more interactive and custom experience. It also describes the company’s call tracking offerings and new Conversation Analytics and automation focus. 

Conversation Analytics uses speech recognition technology to ‘hear’ the words and phrases spoken on every call. That data is then pumped through hundreds of thousands of algorithms that simultaneously analyze the conversation for useful indicators. Based on the words said on the call, Conversation Analytics can determine if a caller was a good lead, assess the quality of agents, monitor compliance, determine sales readiness of prospects, track competitor mentions, track customer agitation, and even determine close rates, all without listening to a single call.

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