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Atmio offers a breakthrough platform that enables B2B mobile marketers (especially Performance Marketers) to create, target and optimize mobile landing pages. The Atmio Platform is self-serve (no programmers needed) and very easy to use. It lets users create and deliver optimized, targeted mobile pages to different mobile devices, in different languages, for different locations and at different times of the day. To put a click-to-call phone number in your mobile landing page, sign up for a LogMyCalls account and use your customer ID during the Atmio sign up process. 


Telephone Doctor

Telephone Doctor

Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Training offers products and services which help organizations improve the way they communicate with customers and coworkers. LogMyCalls has partnered with Telephone Doctor to offer Service Ensure. This is an accountabililty tool to ensure that Telephone Doctor training principles are retained and heeded. To sign up for Service Ensure click here. 


Mudlick Mail

Mudlick Mail helps automotive repair shops deliver the right message to the right people. The company's strategically targeted direct mail campaigns, turnkey service and expert guidance allow shop owners to increase their reach and grow their businesses. Every  Mudlick Mail customer gets a LogMyCalls phone number and account. To sign up visit


AutoShop Solutions

Autoshop Solutions offers award winning website design and internet marketing services nationally to automotive repair, collision, remanufacturers, and automotive industry companies nationwide. AutoShop Solutions is the only full agency dedicated to the automotive industry. Now, you can put your LogMyCalls phone number on your AutoShop Solutions website.