lawyer 1More than any other industry, perhaps, lawyers need and use call tracking.


Well, call tracking is very good for businesses that receive a lot of phone calls. It isn't as good for businesses that get a great deal of walk-in traffic or businesses that require a ton of web interaction. That's why law firms are calling us and telling us unequivocally that call tracking is perfect for them. Here are 5 other reasons: 

1) Call Tracking Save Lawyers Money - Call tracking allows attorneys to know which advertising channels are generating phone calls. It also allows attorneys to know which keywords someone searches before they call and even which specific websites they visited before they called. This is not only cool (which it is), but also a huge money saver. 

Most law firms spend at least several hundred dollars each month on marketing. Our data shows that around 60% of that marketing spend is unaccountable. In other words, lawyers don't know if 60% of that spend is producing. They can't track it. It is possible they're wasting all or most of that 60%. 

2) Call Tracking Is Inexpensive - Most law firms think call tracking is more expensive than it is. In reality most law firms can get call tracking for well under $100/month. There are, of course, exceptions, but in most cases call tracking is inexpensive. 

3) Call Tracking Will Help You Find More Clients - This one is fairly obvious. If you waste less money on marketing that doesn't work, you will have more money to spend on marketing that does work. That means more leads, more clients and more revenue. 

4) Call Tracking Is Easy - Recently we signed up with a new marketing automation platform. We were assured that the setup process would take a few days at most.They were wrong. Weeks went by and still we were waiting on a variety of different things before our account could be activiated. It was annoying, frustrating and, frankly, unprofessional. 

Call tracking doesn't work like that. 

Most law firms manage their call tracking account themselves .Once the account is set up, new phone numbers are immediately live. Other phone numbers can be added quickly and easily with the click of a button within LogMyCalls. Typically it takes about 1 hour to get everything up and running.

5) Everyone is Doing It - Law firms are signing up with call tracking like crazy. Join the club!

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 by McKay Allen, Inbound Marketing Manager

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