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LogMyCalls integrates with the software you know and love to make your business even more efficient. We've integrated with top CRM , web analytics, and mobile platforms.

Check out these integrations, or use our APIs to integrate with your own software. To learn more about integrating with LogMyCalls, schedule a meeting

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CRM Integration

Integrating LogMyCalls with popular CRM and productivity applications gives users the ability to easily track phone conversations without the need to manually document every discussion. Increase sales efficiency, close more sales. Click here to read more about how CRM integration with call tracking software can make life better for sales managers.

LogMyCalls Zoho IntegrationLogMyCalls Salesforce IntegrationLogMyCalls Microsoft Dynamics Integrationis-logo-2010-183x65

Analytics and Advertising

Bring your offline campaigns online to the most popular web analytics platform. Track calls just like page visits to bridge offline and online marketing ROI. Also use LogMyCalls for Google Click-to-Call Mobile ads and gain the same level of insight and control as your Adwords Pay-per-Click campaigns.

LogMyCalls Google Analytics Integration LogMyCalls Google Adwords Integration

Mobile Android and iPhone Integration

Record and track phone calls made from Android and iPhones with the LogMyCalls dialer app.
These outbound mobile calls can also be integrated back into your CRM. Android and iPhone integration is smart.