mobilemarketingwatchby Jason Wells, CEO on Mobile Marketing Watch 

The executive summary of this year’s Chief Marketer 2012 Mobile Marketing Survey is out. And it is—as usual with anything Chief Marketer produces—first class and thorough. But, there were a few surprises (at least to me).

The biggest surprise in the research is the response to this question: What Path-to-Purchase features do you enable?
The most common answer given by the 500 chief marketers surveyed is Research Products. 73% of the time the marketers surveyed said they enable the ability to research most commonly. Most companies do not allow mobile users to buy. They do not allow (or encourage) a click-to-call purchase. Nor do they offer click-to-call customer service. Appropriately, the title for this section of the Chief Marketer Report is ‘Everything but the Sale.

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