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Article published on Vistage in April 2014. It discusses new data revealed by the LogMyCalls Conversation Analytics infographic.


CalIs are en vogue again. According to BIA Kelsey, 64% of businesses say inbound calls are their preferred type of lead. A call converts to customers 14x more frequently than a web lead. It takes 4 web leadsd to produce the revenue generated by 1 phone call. In short, calls matter. 

The problem, traditionally, is that there hasn't been a way to extract data from phone calls. Thus, marketers have been reticent to focus on driving phone calls as a core part of their business strategy.

That's changed.  

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Conversion Sciences

Article published on the Conversion Sciences blog by Brian Massey, The Conversion Scientist. Discusses data gathered by LogMyCalls via analysis of millions of phone calls in Q1. This article appeared in April 2014. 


CalI tracking is what happens BEFORE the call. Conversation Analytics is what happens ON the call. 

LogMyCalls' Conversation Analytics uses sophisticated speech recognition technology and hundreds of thousands of proprietary algorithms to extract data from phone calls. McKay Allen shared the results from those Conversation Analytics in this incredible infographic. 

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CPC Strategy Blog

Article on the CPC Strategy blog by Mary Weinstein. Discusses data gathered by LogMyCalls via analysis of millions of phone calls in Q1. This article appeared in April 2014. 


Call tracking is something that gets pushed to the side a lot in ecommerce with more pressing elements of conversion rate. Here are some interesting statistics on call behavior from Q1 2014 and tracking to help increase your ROI. 

Conversion Rate - 29% of inbound calls result in a conversion. Most marketers and most companies don't have a clue what their conversion rate is. 

Lead Score - Lead Scoring is mainstream in the online environment. This is the first application that scores phone leads. Comparing lead scores across channels, campaigns, keywords, etc. has massive implications on ad spend and ROI metrics

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Street Fight Mag

Article in Street Fight Magazine by Stephanie Miles. The article discusses ways marketers are using pay-per-call to improve their marketing strategy.  This article appeared in April 2014. 


The real key is that marketers need to start valuing phone calls. Gather call data and make decisions about marketing spend based on that data. We have a client that was spending a lot of money on a marketing strategy that was not working. Then they started using call trakcing from LogMyCalls and realized that the tactic simply wasn't generating phone calls. The data showed them they needed to change where they put their marketing dollars. 

Another client started analyzing their phone calls to figure out which campaigns are producing good leads and set appointments. They've changed their whole revenue model based on this data.

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Tire Industry Association

Article on the Tire Industry Association blog. Discusses questions the tire industry is asking about call tracking. This article appeared in April 2014. 


An increasing number of tire dealers use call tracking to analyze the effectveness of their marketing and to provide inexpensive call recording. Call tracking is becoming pervasive in the tire industry. In fact, we work with companies in the industry ranging from several hundred locations to 1 location

Regardless of your size, call tracking, call recording, and call analytics can help you make more money. 

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Conversion Conference

Article on the Conversion Conference blog by Josh Krafchin of CleverZebo. The article discusses 4 unique analytics tools that every marketer can use. This article appeared in March 2014. 


It's an exciting time in online marketing. There are so many interesting tools out there that help us do a better job of optimizing our marketing efforts. I thought I'd share a few hot tools that are relatively inexpensive but incredibly useful

LogMyCalls - Phone calls are often the vacuous pit of analytics. CRMs allow sales and customer service reps to describe the call, but consistency can be difficult. Knowing what happened on the call is nearly impossible. Enter LogMyCalls anlaytics... 

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White Shark Media

Article on the White Shark Media blog by Andrew Lolk. Discusses the major misconceptions marketers have about call tracking. This article appeared in April 2014. 


The number of misconceptions about call tracking is increasing almost every day and it's hard to figure out exactly what the source is. My best guess is that the misconceptions come from a mix of uninformed business owners and scam agencies trying to keep their clients from knowing what is really going on.

By implementing call tracking, you will be ahead of your less savvy competitors and your ability to make money will exceed theirs by many factors. 

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LogMyCalls appeared on MSNBC's Your Business in March of 2014. 


In March of 2014 LogMyCalls was discussed on MSNBC's popular show Your Business. The show is designed to give businesses information that will help them survive and thrive. 

That's why  MSNBC recommended businesses use LogMyCalls. 

The show highlighted LogMyCalls ability to extract useful data from conversations and automate actions with that data. LogMyCalls Conversation Analytics gives marketers and business owners visibility into their conversations.  

Watch the MSNBC Video


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