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Panel discuss on how to increase ROI in pay-per-call with PerformInsider. LogMyCalls' VP of Marketing, Carlton van Putten, joined other call experts for the panel on July 25, 2014.  


Find out why pay-per-call is so popular now, what verticals it works in and where it's expected, how conversions compare to other methods of lead gen, and what types of data analytics you have access to, as well as what would make the process better. Also discover the strategies advertisers should use to increase their ROI, and the techniques publishers can implement to maximize results.  

Very interesting panel. 

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Article published in Technorati in July of 2014. It is a discussion of metrics extracted by LogMyCalls Conversation Analytics engine. 


It's not secret that the entire local marketing landscape is changing. Local marketers are now firmly focused on mobiel search and driving phone calls. BIA Kelsey says that the number of calls generated by mobile search in the U.S. will top 73B in 2018. That's up from 35B in 2013

In short: calls matter. And the data generated from calls matters.  

Call data is really the last frontier in big data-ization. 

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Search Engine Journal

Article published in Search Engine Journal about the Conversation Analytics infographic. This article was published in May 2014.


Earlier this week LogMyCalls released our search marketing Q1 inbound call report. We analyzed millions of call segments across dozens of industries in Q1 and extracted the data in aggregate. And as one does these days, we decided to release it in infographic form.

This is literally data extracted from every call that ran through our system in Q1 of 2014. The calls ran through our Conversation Analytics engine and then came out the other side. 

No one has ever analyzed calls generated by search marketers en masse before. This is entirely new data. 

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Conversion Sciences

Article published on the Conversion Sciences blog by Brian Massey, The Conversion Scientist. Discusses data gathered by LogMyCalls via analysis of millions of phone calls in Q1. This article appeared in April 2014. 


CalI tracking is what happens BEFORE the call. Conversation Analytics is what happens ON the call. 

LogMyCalls' Conversation Analytics uses sophisticated speech recognition technology and hundreds of thousands of proprietary algorithms to extract data from phone calls. McKay Allen shared the results from those Conversation Analytics in this incredible infographic. 

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KoMarketing Associates

Article published on the KoMarketing Associates blog. It discusses new data revealed by the LogMyCalls Conversation Analytics infographic. This article was published in April 2014.


CalI tracking is not new, but LogMyCalls Conversation Analytics takes the practice a few steps further with its ability to analyze phone conversations through speech recognition and thousands of propretary algorithms.

Statistics compiled in the company's recent infographic show that almost half of all sales qualified leads fail to close. These Missed Opportunities can reportedly be decreased with the application's automatic lead-scoring system, which calculates scores based on words and phrases spoken on the call.   

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CPC Strategy Blog

Article on the CPC Strategy blog by Mary Weinstein. Discusses data gathered by LogMyCalls via analysis of millions of phone calls in Q1. This article appeared in April 2014. 


Call tracking is something that gets pushed to the side a lot in ecommerce with more pressing elements of conversion rate. Here are some interesting statistics on call behavior from Q1 2014 and tracking to help increase your ROI. 

Conversion Rate - 29% of inbound calls result in a conversion. Most marketers and most companies don't have a clue what their conversion rate is. 

Lead Score - Lead Scoring is mainstream in the online environment. This is the first application that scores phone leads. Comparing lead scores across channels, campaigns, keywords, etc. has massive implications on ad spend and ROI metrics

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Vistage Logo

Article published on Vistage in April 2014. It discusses new data revealed by the LogMyCalls Conversation Analytics infographic.


CalIs are en vogue again. According to BIA Kelsey, 64% of businesses say inbound calls are their preferred type of lead. A call converts to customers 14x more frequently than a web lead. It takes 4 web leadsd to produce the revenue generated by 1 phone call. In short, calls matter. 

The problem, traditionally, is that there hasn't been a way to extract data from phone calls. Thus, marketers have been reticent to focus on driving phone calls as a core part of their business strategy.

That's changed.  

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Tire Industry Association

Article on the Tire Industry Association blog. Discusses questions the tire industry is asking about call tracking. This article appeared in April 2014. 


An increasing number of tire dealers use call tracking to analyze the effectveness of their marketing and to provide inexpensive call recording. Call tracking is becoming pervasive in the tire industry. In fact, we work with companies in the industry ranging from several hundred locations to 1 location

Regardless of your size, call tracking, call recording, and call analytics can help you make more money. 

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