What is Call Tracking? How Call Tracking Works

  1. Sign up: Sign-up for a call tracking number. Get a FREE Toll-Free call tracking number here! Publish this number with your marketing campaign to begin tracking marketing ROI.
  2. Promote: Hit the streets and promote your campaign.
  3. Log on: to LogMyCalls to track and optimize sales performance and marketing ROI.

One smart application, five integrated functions to track calls, measure, and optimize the lead cycle from marketing campaign to phone sales performance. Read more below about the plentitude of features to 1. Track, 2. Listen, 3. Score, 4. Report, and 5. set Goals.


LogMyCalls - Track your call recordingsTrack

Get all the details of calls made through your tracking numbers. A call tracking tool to measure marketing ROI has never had so many valuable features.
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  • Track call quantity, call duration, date and time of calls, answered calls, geographic call origin and more call tracking 2.0 features. We’re just getting started…
  • Search any user’s name, call title, or any other metadata you’ve given a call. This kind of control is unprecedented.
  • Refine data by tracking number, date, or location to create customized maps, charts, and lists of key call tracking information.
  • What’s more, marketers can integrate call tracking with common web analytics platforms like Google Analytics.
  • Salespeople can integrate LogMyCalls with their CRM systems to automatically keep a record of sales calls—inbound and outbound.

Why dial-into call tracking? How does call tracking work to ring-up marketing results?

  • Measure advertising efficacy and marketing ROI
  • Gather intelligence on sales leads
  • Turn call analytics into web analytics
  • Manage marekting performance and track  performance of frontline phone agents

Then, Listen, Score, Report, and set Goals. This is smarter call tracking.


LogMyCalls - Listen to your call recordingsListen

LogMyCalls records and gives you downloadable access to every single phone call that comes through your tracking number with a slew of ways to extract critical intelligence from the calls.
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The recordings are a gold mine of information that you can use to improve marketing and sales. Filter calls by marketing campaign, date, location groups, user accounts, or tracking number. As you listen to calls, social media inspired tagging and commenting allow you to identify and mark key elements of the call, minute by minute, second by second. You can download the call, email it to a colleague, and send it to the Score section of LogMyCalls. What does the beaver measure by listening to calls?

  • Marketing Campaign Relevance: Are customer calls addressing what you expected?
  • Lead Quality: Is your campaign driving the kinds of leads you want?
  • Sales Team Performance: Are sales reps converting and closing sales?

Sign up for a free tracking number and listen to your sales calls. Hearing is believing!


LogMyCalls - Score Rank and MeasureScore

LogMyCalls goes far beyond basic call logging and recording. Create scorecards with your own custom criteria, or use some of ours.
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This is where deep analysis begins. You can score/rank/measure any element of the call.

  • For Marketing: Score leads, call duration, campaign activity, regional demographics, and more to track marketing performance and marketing ROI.
  • For Sales: Score closed sales and phone agent performance on sales skills best practices: greeting, getting and use the customer’s name, asking questions to determine needs, building value, asking for the sale, and more to track and manage frontline performance.

Scorecards let you dig in and pull extract all of the valuable information. Use scores to track campaign ROI and make marketing decisions, coach employees, manage performance, and stay proactive in directing your business initiatives.


LogMyCalls - Marketing Analytics and ReportsReport

LogMyCalls offers numerous reports for tracking marketing ROI and performance management. Dozens of call tracking and performance management reports measure marketing analytics and phone performance with visual, easy to read information that is user friendly, fast, and targeted to specific sales and marketing performance measures.
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Customizable reporting allows you to refine reports by groups, users, time, tracking number, tags, and other flexible methods. Get more granular data and analysis by drilling down to the deepest level of the call: the actual conversation.

View reports in both graphical and tabular formats for more insight into how call tracking works to measure marketing ROI and performance management. Want even more control and flexibility? Download a report CSV file to configure reporting however you want. Data tables or pretty pictures: view call tracking reports in the way most accessible to you.

Reports coordinate with LogMyCalls functions—call tracking, reviewing call recordings, and scoring calls—all for purpose of tracking marketing ROI and performance management. Here are some of the reports and how to make them work for you.

Sample call tracking, marketing ROI, and performance management reports:

  • Calls by geographic region, down to the zip code
    Put resources toward more targeted demographics.
  • Time of day and day of week most/least calls come in
    Plan staffing accordingly.
  • How many phone calls you miss
    If you are a budding Google Adwords guru using their new Bid-Per-Call—missed calls will slam your call quality rank.
  • Call duration
    Measure the correlation between positive call outcomes and call duration.
  • User scores over time
    See if phone agents are progressing and hitting goals.
  • User or group scores compared to each other
    Easily compare individual phone agent or group performance.
  • Cumulative score averages
    Compare aggregated scores across multiple criteria.

LogMyCalls - Performance Marketing and Sales GoalsGoals

Set unlimited custom goals to know how your company is performing anywhere along the lead cycle from marketing campaign ROI to lead quality to phone agent skills.
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With your choice of any two goals featured on the homepage dashboard, and SMS and email alerts letting you know when you’re reaching goal thresholds, you’re in charge of your future. What kind of goals will make your dreams come true?

  • Campaign ROI: Track marketing campaigns based on phone volume. Plug-in how much the campaign cost, assign a dollar value to each call driven by the campaign, and voilà! Custom goals to measure marketing ROI.
  • Call Success: Did the call result in a closed sale, appointment set, follow-up, or warm lead? Set a goal around whatever result indicates to you a positive outcome.
  • Phone Skills: Measure the performance and progress of phone agents. Create goals in conjunction with scorecard results. Reward and incentivize high performers, and be alerted immediately if sales skills begin to slip under water.
  • Call Quality: Call Quality goals use complicated formulas to factor the relationship between call performance scores and desired call outcome. E.g., you want to see what call performance scores correlate with raising sales close rates by 10%. This is smarter call tracking.
  • Call Activity: Set a goal for an activity associated with your use of recorded calls. For example, set an activity goal to have a given number of calls scored or reviewed by a user or location.

Set your two most important goals to the homepage dashboard and receive goal status alerts via email or SMS to always stay on top of your marketing and sales performance metrics.