Case Study: Newspan Media Group (Publisher)

Grand LucayanSee how Newspan Media Group retains large clients because of LogMyCalls 

Newspan Media is the largest Hispanic-focused publisher in Texas. They have 4 print publications as well as various online properties. Newspan Media Group uses call tracking from LogMyCalls to prove ROI to their clients. 

      • See why Newspan Media says LogMyCalls is 'perfect for publishers'
      • How Newspan uses LogMyCalls to upsell clients and drive more revenue
      • Use cases for Conversation Analytics

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Case Study: Grand Lucayan (Hospitality - Luxury Hotel)

Grand LucayanSee how the Grand Lucayan increase phone conversion rates 157% with LogMyCalls 

The Grand Lucayan is a luxury resort on the white sand beaches of Grand Bahama Island. It is one of the premiere vacation destinations in the world. The Grand Lucayan uses LogMyCalls call tracking and Conversation Analytics to optimize marketing spend and improve phone performance. 

      • How did the Grand Lucayan increase phone close rates by 157%
      • How the Grand Lucayan improved their marketing efficiency with call tracking
      • Use cases for Conversation Analytics

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Case Study: Navolutions (Local SEO and Marketing Agency)

NavolutionsSee how local SEO agency, Navolutions, decreases client attrition and produces better leads with LogMyCalls 

Navolutions is a local SEO firm and full service marketing agency that works with small businesses nationwide to increase local visibility, generate leads, and escalate growth. They rely on call tracking, call analysis and call recording from LogMyCalls.

      • How Navolutions is saving clients with LogMyCalls
      • Why they're making more revenue per client than ever before
      • Why LogMyCalls is better than it's competition

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